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Frustrating to Watch…the Audit

So far, with nine cameras going, fuzzy a lot, nothing seems to be happening.  None of the pallets of ballots have been opened yet, and it appears like some of the machines or parts of them are being looked at but I’m not sure of that, because the video gets fuzzy.

So, instead of that, I’ll get this Professor Clements from TheProfessorsRecord Rumble video up so you can hear what Joe Oltman has to say about Dominion and their guy, Eric Coomer.  Wow.  I watched this last night on my TV.  If you can get internet on your TV, you can watch rumble and bitchute, and frankspeech.com all on there.  Everyone involved in this election integrity obsession has been doxed, and threatened, and have to have security.  It’s insane.


The Professors audience is growing.