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FundFreely.com Discussion

Gen. Mike Flynn

General Mike Flynn and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer together discussing how we can fund freedom in America on CutTheCrap.  How can we help restore our freedoms and continue to work on taking back our liberties that keep being trampled.  Most folks really believe in the cause of America First, on putting the rights and liberties of our own people first.  We believe in the founding principles of this great nation, and want the government to return to those principles.

FundFreely.com is the way for us to join together for a campaign to restore and fight for our rights.  As I’m fond of saying, “to secure these rights” are the words Jefferson used in the Declaration of Independence to describe the entire purpose of government.  One must look for a way government has done anything to secure our rights over many decades, and it’s really hard to find any significant instance.  So donate freely, folks!  Gen. Flynn says you can designate which of the causes you want your money to go to, so check out the site, and get active today, fighting for our freedoms!


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