Haven’t Touched on J6, But it Was Caused By 2020 Election

Apparently I saved this as a draft and never posted it way back last year.  Huh.  It was even worse than I thought.  Not only did they do all they could to smear Trump, they have hidden and destroyed tons of evidence they collected.  Including exculpatory evidence.  Evidence that makes obvious just how ridiculous and partisan this whole fiasco was.  Anyone who knows what was occurring that day at the Capital cannot even imagine Trump did anything to cause an interruption in the CHALLENGES THAT WERE OCCURRING over the electors and their votes.  It was obvious.  It was also obvious the interruption was deliberate to stop the hearing of the challenges.

Seriously.  Who wanted that?  Think, folks.

You cannot look at the January 6, 2021 events at the Capitol without looking first at the obvious cause.  The screwed up 2020 Election is clearly the primary motivator for the protest, and the march on the Capitol, yet the banana republic fake hearing in Congress.  It’s not a real valid hearing in Congress, because it’s totally partisan, biased, done by one party for a purpose.  Only two republicans are participating, Cheney and Kinzinger, and she’s acting like a very progressive woke type, serving for a purpose, while he’s a disgrace and known crybaby.

The obvious purpose is to prevent President Trump from ever holding office again.  Indeed, I’ve heard rumors they intend to indict him so even if he runs, he will be held up to ridicule and shame in media and constantly attacked.  Nothing new there.  He’s been under attack ever since he won, because they blew their usual cheat plan, and he had motivated the middle class, capturing their hearts with America First populism.

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