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Haven’t Touched on the MarcoPolo Revelations

About the Hunter Biden laptop and all the evidence therein, documented, and with pictures none of us really want to see.  But MarcoPolousa.org has it all, and they’ve done a huge, very well done, thorough report of all the obvious criminality going on in that family.  And as a non-profit research group, they are finding all sorts of other things to report on as well.  But the laptop report has links directly to portions of the laptop that should be seen and understood by all those in media and voters as well who claim to be safeguarding the public square.  This has gone on for a long time, and had the FBI not shielded the laptop before the 2020 election, and it’s contents known, even many diehard democrats would not have touched Joe Biden with a ten foot pole.  “10 percent for the big guy” was enshrined in it, and the testimony of Tony Bobolinski is compelling, about all the foreign deals Hunter made for himself, his uncle, and “the big guy” as well.  The deceitful, lying FBI not only sat on the laptop, they had it, and they did nothing to investigate any of it.  Those in power there should be in jail for election interference, and the DOJ as well.

And while all this is out there, freely available online for anyone curious enough to look into it, media has covered it all up, as though they are nothing more than a PR firm for the DNC, and lying administration.  Not to be trusted anymore, at all.

And if COVID didn’t teach us anything, it’s our own fault.  Government bureaucracy is out to protect itself against us!  They don’t care about the people or our rights.  We now have the government our founding fathers warned against.

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