Hell in a HandBasket

The country is falling apart.  The balloon fiasco is evidence, but, hey.  The claim from an anonymous source that balloons from China crossed the country during Trump’s term has been shot down by named intelligence folks and no matter how much media grumbles and claims Trump was kept in the dark, it just doesn’t wash.

The people all across this country have captured this balloon in pictures, videos, and have tracked it themselves.  Don’t even bother to tell me the people would have missed this because “Trump?”  Not likely.  We don’t need officials to tell us there’s something in the sky that needs to be investigated!  We the people have eyes, ears, and brains separate and independent of “official” unnamed sources.  I mean, Geez.

And tonight we get the “State of the Union” but do any of us really not know what that is?  Anyone thinking Biden has improved anything is totally asleep, or in denial.  Government and industry combined to subvert and spy on the people, and the facts are available to anyone who can read, and will read the Twitter Files.

Enough trash is blasted onto the TV screens to make us all sick at heart, and in fear for our children, and the sole purpose of government, according to our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence is totally ignored.  That was “That to secure these rights” which are individual rights granted by our Creator.  So, how’s that working out for us now?

I just read a thread that claims we can’t stop it, and we can’t just go back.  We have to go THROUGH this ugly postmodernist trashy future, and only that will wake up the millions in thrall to the evil that is attacking their brains.  Prayers are in order.

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