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Here’s Evidence from Maricopa No One Would Look At

At Least 140,000 ballots from the Maricopa audit were either fake, or created after the fact and inserted falsely.  There were 118,000 counted on December 8 and 9, after the numbers were reported and certified by both Maricopa County officials and Arizona state officials.  The 140,000 have a post-image in the machines files, but no pre-image.  What this means is they weren’t fed into the machine to count, but were likely created in the machine and printed, accounting for the post-images.  No wonder the county officials balked at turning over the computer files, and claimed they didn’t have them. Then later said, oh, they were archived, and you didn’t ask for those, which was a lie.  Then, the archived files contained the images in question.  And of course, they never turned over routers and splunk logs, and the politicians, even the republicans, let them get by with that horse hockey.  Of course, the floor counting was a show to demonstrate what good boys and girls they are looking into this whole election mess for you.  And they fought turning over files, ballots, routers, logs, everything, and eventually stalled until the proper number of manufactured votes could be made, and inserted.

Here is a rather compelling nine page report on the information the politicians and legal beagles in Arizona hid from, and refused to look at, because they didn’t want the truth to be told.  Well, they can’t hide it.  And their deceit, either, for that matter.  I’d love to think this coming election will fix the country, but after watching these republicans in action, I’m skeptical.  This report provided by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer who was contracted to do the forensic analysis of the audit.


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