Indeed, Trying Times

There’s panic among the people and toilet paper seems to be the highest priority among most households.  I’m wondering how this will all shake out in the long run.  Going out seems to be something we shouldn’t do, especially as there were two confirmed cases of COVID-19 just a few blocks from the house.

I’m a bit worried about my sister and her upcoming hip replacement.  I’m sure it won’t have a higher priority than a a COVID-19 case, and things were looking pretty scary at the hospital when we tried to visit a friend last weekend.  At that time, there weren’t even any cases in the county!  Yet, the door was locked, we had to buzz in, and be questioned by a masked security guard and they never found our patient.  So we left.

Some stores are open, but what foods are available don’t seem to be the ones folks in this household want to eat.  If this goes on for a while, we will eat things we don’t want.  No question.  We have a goodly supply of food and paper products, but I do wish we had more bleach.

Just watched a video that explained why and how Vitamin D helps, and could actually save lives considering this virus attacks the lungs.  Very good studies have been done that actually claim daily intake of it could reduce infections in the respiratory system by 70%!  Now, that’s quite a claim, but it’s also something that lends hope.  We’ve been doing Vitamin D and C for quite a while now, and I haven’t had regular flu in years!  Think my husband hasn’t had it either for so long, I don’t ever remember him having flu.  Think I’ll continue to take my supplements.