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J6 Anniversary and New Info

January 6, 2021 was just celebrated, largely by leftist corporate media and leftist politicians who still proclaim the President at the time, President Trump, asked his followers to produce an “insurrection” which oddly, is a violent take over of current government.  Ummmm.  Really?

At the time, it was clear to millions around the country that there were many questions about the 2020 election, which was complicated, or should I say compromised, by Covid overreaction, mail in voting, corporate placed ballot boxes, and other issues.  It wasn’t just the President who thought so, and who noticed the travesty.  In several states there were legitimate challenges and rightly so.  It’s not like there had never been challenges before.  But the “insurrectionists” which is what I will call those who planned and delivered the “set up” of thousands of concerned citizens to control media, and take over all of government, if they could.  The people who assembled at the Capitol, at least some, had a permit to do so.  The many who marched there after listening to or during the President’s speech wherein he said to “peacefully” visit the Capitol, oh, and he never said to break in!

Anyway, it seems they had among them at the time over 200 infiltrators aligned in one way or another with the FBI.  Hmmm.  Rep. Clay Higgins, in his compelling interview with Tucker Carlson claims there is a ton of evidence the American public needs to see.  I believe him.  HIs background is law enforcement, and he understands the law.

Who, since it was a benefit to the President to have the Congress hear the challenges to the elector count that day, would believe he would orchestrate a way to stop that from happening?  Really?  People!  Think!  Oh, and isn’t a requirement that there be a quorem for the counting of electoral votes, and declaring the final winner?  Read the clearly written Constitution.  It’s still the fundamental law of the land.

Here’s the interview.


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