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J6 Controversary Continues

And gets hotter all the time.  Many just see the videos posted on major corporate media sites, and feel that they know this “insurrection” was a vicious attack on our democracy.  Having this discussion right now on another forum.

A permitted protest to pursue redress of grievances has been labelled with a word that has a loaded meaning.  But, in no way, does this protest match that term.  No way did those protesters intend to “take over government” or anything like it.  They were unarmed.  Walked around inside the Capitol, which is usually open to the public, housing as it does the representatives of the people.  The police in several places let them in, holding the doors open for them, even.

While there were obvious bad actors, the bulk of the protesters were not violent, did not intend violence, were in no way threatening the safety of the Congress.  Yet, the leftists who intend to blame the former president and keep him from ever holding office again, have decided their “narrative” must persuade and be labeled “truth” even though evidence and testimony contradict this argument.

We need to question our biases.  All of us, on whatever side, need to question everything.  It’s good to do so.

Silencing opposing voices, as this oppressive administration intends, is just wrong.

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