Jan6 Committee Has Little Impact

There’s far too much to say about the January 6 incursion into the Capitol for this puny blogger to encapsulate in one or even several posts.  Far be it from me to think I have all the answers.  But I have been in the Capitol several times as it has always been open to the public.  I’ve been in with groups with no prior planning, no appointment, and at the time, there wasn’t even security involvement.  People came and went with great dispatch and freely moved about coming and going to wherever they chose.

Yet, that day, the huge magnetic doors were closed and locked.  Well, until someone inside decided to open them.  And even then, the MAGA crowd that went in were quite tame, and many walked through like tourists, even remaining carefully within the limits of the velvet ropes!  That is what these partisan hacks are calling an “insurrection” even though no one has been charged with insurrection.  Trespass.  How do you trespass when invited in by the cops?

Hundreds of peoples lives have been destroyed by these authoritarian lunatics sitting on this phony hack committee with the help of an out of control FBI and DOJ headed by clearly leftist authoritarians who demand you comply with their every phony wish.  Just way too much video exists for folks to take these lunatics seriously.

Our founders would be aghast at such behavior on behalf of legislators.  They truly should all be replaced as quickly as possible.

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