Just a Quickie! Seems J6 is now “old news”

The more we see in the media about information recently released, videos showing the doors were opened and hundreds of folks just flowed in without the least obstruction.  Of course, modern suppressed media won’t let the real truth be told to the wider audience, so its now just called “old news.”  You know, like the 2020 election fraud.  Again, old news.

And while this is all swept into what is considered fringe news sites, and written off by so-called mainstream media, the people are being, of course, mislead.  But not by those who actually get paid to point the official finger at “misinformation” or “disinformation” at all.  No.  The bulk of the population, raising children, working jobs, and getting news from short bursts on TV are not getting the information at all.  They are being deliberately mislead.



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