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Keshel Ratings and Piton Ratings

For information purposes, I suppose folks know about these two election integrity warriors already, Capt. Seth Keshel whose predictions in the 2016 election cast him in the role of making prognostications about the 2020 one as well, and his data is pretty convincing that certain localities experienced anomalies that could only be explained by massive election and voter fraud.

Bobby Piton, currently running for office in Illinois, also has a reputation for having discovered phantom voters in separate localities all across the nation.  Phantom voters are those that have no records in any other data sources, such as DMV records, etc.

Together with the forensic data from the KinematicArtifactDetectionReport data, visualization charts been produced by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer that show Keshel Ratings and Piton Ratings for each separate precinct in Maricopa County.  This is pretty critical information, and demonstrates where anomalies that could very well indicate criminal activity.

Here’s a short video scanning through just a few of the Keshel Rating reports, by precinct and the Piton Ratings are included in the lower right.



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