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Konnech Connects OK….to China Servers

How convenient!  The Konnech software used by a huge number of counties across this nation to keep records of poll workers who are actually involved in running our elections has allegedly been shown to connect to servers in China.  In case you can’t figure this out on your own, this might be why that guy was arrested, at LA Airport, and might he have been about to flee the country?  Hmmm.  Well, it seems Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips of 2000 Mules connection and True the Vote did actually turn this information over to the FBI back in 2021 and what did the FBI do with it?  Nothing.  Allegations aren’t enough.  Facts are important, and there’s actually factual evidence of this that Catherine and Gregg turned over.  But still, crickets.  And that guy at CISA who keeps claiming “the most secure election in history” is still claiming that even though he knows it’s not true.  And the usual suspects in mainstream media keep insisting we are all just “election deniers” although in recent decades, many on the opposite side have been “election deniers” while they all claim we are evil, caused an “insurrection” and tried to destroy our “democracy” and still have not changed their tune.  It’s assumed none of this will be in a court any time soon, like never, and that nothing will happen.

This midterm election is going to be yet another “most secure election in history” I’m sure you know.  Even though the CCP has the logins and passwords for all the election folks here that are supposedly assured nothing could possibly go wrong.  Yeah.

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