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Latest on Arizona Audit Exposes How Big Runbeck Is

Testimony revealed long ago that while observing at the MCTEC election counting procedures, days after the Nov. 3 election, trucks kept arriving with ballots to be counted.  The ballots were coming from Runbeck Election Services, the company that prepared ballots for about 30% of the nation.  They were coming in days after the election.

It’s been out there for some time that Dominion machines connect to the internet, and if you do a bit of research, you can even find information on that capability in their sales material, and contracts with the various localities that use those machines.  For more info on this, you can watch this testimony that was given before the Arizona Senate long ago.

But, Dominion isn’t the only big player in this thing.

Runbeck is a very big player.  They did all the printing of ballots and the early mail in ballots, and envelopes.  They were returned to Runbeck, not the County.  The Envelopes that were supposed to contain a signature of the voter, as affidavit that the ballot within was theirs were separated from the ballots there.  There was NO signature verification.  This is a big, big deal.  No signature verification was done.  Also mentioned in the above hearing testimony.

So, Runbeck scans the ballots and the envelopes.  Data delivered to the auditors did not include the envelopes.  They need to be checked to assure at least the presence of a signature!  Any that came back without a signature are not valid votes, and should not be counted.  The County has not given those envelope scans to the auditors.

Runbeck also, by the way, has the voter registration files, because the ballots are different for each precinct, and printed and mailed selectively to the different precincts using the registration files.  Runbeck can thus identify from precinct information and historical data the party that predominates each precinct.  This is why the kinematic artifacts detection is so important.  The controlling company which prints the precinct ballots can misprint a certain percentage to ensure ballots get adjudicated at higher rates than normal.

I’m not saying that happened.  But it could.  That’s one of the things this audit will pick up.

Clever Journeys has done a very nice job of analyzing how Runbeck may have influenced the outcome of the Maricopa County election.  And here on the mess in Fulton County, GA.  I’ve been wondering all night if Dominion and Runbeck have NonDisclosure Agreements with the County which could be the reason they have fought so hard to stop or deny a fair, full, comprehensive forensic audit.  We shall see.  But not until the auditors have finished and completed their report for the Arizona Senate.

Been getting bits of info regularly from CodeMonkeyZ, too.  Find him on Telegram.

Anyone can watch the process of the audit at AZaudit.org and follow discussion on Telegram Channels for AZAudit.  I’ve been monitoring cameras every single day, reporting regularly, and so have many, many others.  We are their eyes in the sky.