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Links to Get all the Forensic Reports FREE!

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, of Cut the Crap podcast and radio fame,  did the forensic analysis of the Maricopa County audit, and has issued many reports on the analysis of the data derived from the high definition photos of each ballot turned over to the CyberNinjas for the audit.  The reports are now available, and are issued free to folks from the following links.  I’ve opened all these, and studied them carefully already, and have been using the information for my arguments and posts already.  Now, this list allows anyone to collect all the same data analysis.  By the way, the podcast is now #33 of over a million so I think lots of folks are following Jovan and know his value, and the value of his data analysis.











Each report must be downloaded separately, and opened somewhere you have room to save tons of data.

More information will be released soon, and don’t forget to see the new 2000 Mules film about to be released showing how the ballot mules stuffed ballot boxes, and all discovered by Truethevote.org and their fabulous investigative team.

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