Maricopa County AZ Audit Report Finally Delivered to AZ Senate

On September 24, 2021, the Cyber Ninjas and their teams of investigators appeared to deliver their reports to the Arizona Senate.  Many have been dissatisfied, because the leaked report from the day before said more, and the final issued report, while it seems shorter, is not exactly watered down.  While there was definitely and admittedly political interference in the reports final form, legal representatives of the Senate were hot to make sure nothing too clear was stated.  Dr. Shiva was the opening act, and he was stunning.  His report very clear, concise, and telling.  Anyone should understand on that report alone, the election should be decertified.  Yet there was no call in any of the reporting to decertify.  That call is loud and clear among advocates of the audit, and there is constant controversy over the issue.

All of the reporting can be found at, and everyone should read the entire report, including all the portions of the Cyber Ninjas report.

The letter to the Attorney General asking for a criminal investigation is there, as well.  All should be aware that the forensic portion of the audit report is still not finished, and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer is working on providing all sorts of evidence of misconduct and criminal occurrences and his work will be definitive.  Once it is completely written, it will be made public.

The Attorney General has already made demands for evidence to be preserved, and is proceeding with an investigation.  I encourage all to read the reports themselves, and not just take media, especially biased Arizona media’s claims to heart.  Arizona media is so biased they even sued to stop and stall the audit while it was ongoing.

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