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New Data From Maricopa Audit of 2020 Ballots

It seems now more than 160,000 ballots have been found with no date/time stamp on them.  How is this even possible?  When the ballots are fed into the scanner, they are date/time stamped by the machine.  Does this indicate they were just inserted into the boxes and batches without having ever gone through the machines?  Did the machines somehow get set to not stamp or were the machines faulty in the first place?

And while these are ballots the auditors got, and saw, the machine images are the ones that don’t show the date and time stamp.  This makes no sense.  Something was deliberately screwed up here.  If these were duplicates to replace spoiled ballots, the spoiled ballots should be there.

And not all the ballots the county claims, 2,089,000 were ever turned over.  There were almost 100,000 ballots fewer than that reported number.  Why?

The ballots from the 2020 election should be preserved, saved, sequestered from every state where variance has been reported, for future audits and investigations.  These paper ballots are evidence, proof of either a sound election, or a fraudulent one.  Here’s the report.


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