Now Cyber Ninjas are out of business

And this is a huge huge miscarriage of justice.  Jovan explained why Doug Logan will not comply with the whacko judge, and I think that’s truly commendable.  Whether you like Jovan Hutton Pulitzer or not makes no difference to the very detailed and compelling work he’s been doing on our behalf.  The divisive accusations and finger pointing are really causing lots of people to be misled.  Jovan’s work is going to be released in the future, and will be published, in full, and will be in the Library of Congress as well as available to anyone who can get it.  He’s hiding nothing.  Those who squack that audits are a waste of time, and only canvassing should be done are creating havoc and doing harm to their stated goal of Election Integrity.

Cyber Ninjas had to be knocked out to tell others interested in audits that if you partake, you will be destroyed.  Nothing could be more true and obvious.  Ultimately, they will not win.  The liberty of the people of this great nation will prevail.  God willing.  And I am pretty sure He wills it.  This is the last bastion of liberty and freedom still on this globe.

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