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Now We’ve Gone from Covid to War, and Skipped Audits

Media these days seems to think it’s their job to tell us what to think, and what to do  now!  So, they have been almost silent on Covid, while many are hot to get right to the meat of the issue and bring Covid Cultists and folks responsible for forcing so-called vaccines on unwary innocent folks and causing deaths and a huge number of adverse reactions.  It’s now time for war instead.

So, Ukraine is attacked by Russia for lots of reasons, and we are sanctioning Russia horribly, and Putin has said those sanctions are tantamount to an act of war.  I suspect Russian citizens on the street, many out protesting this same war, feel also like they are our victims.  While our weak president continues to buy oil from Russia after unceremoniously stopping most production here on our own continent, where for a brief while we were self-sustaining.  It’s not a joke either.

All this while they let audits and the obviously fraudulent 2020 election just fall by the wayside as though it really was “the most secure election in history.”  Ummm…..

And while the Maricopa Senate has hindered the auditors from returning a real report, the information is coming out anyway, and it’s not pretty folks.  Of course, the so-called “election integrity” crowd has fractured ridiculously, and the name calling and threats are knee deep.  Pity folks with the same agenda can’t put their feelings aside, but there it is.  The oh so Christian crowd slings arrows at the America Project crowd, and have done what they could to discredit the audit information that is leaking out anyway.  And if they AG in Arizona does not prosecute based on the tons and tons of evidence, he will also be exposed as yet another rino republican unwilling to fight for the people.  It’s unnerving.  A real shame.

I’ve learned there’s only one truth.  Jesus Christ came to forgive our sins, and promised life everlasting if we choose Him.  Made that choice long, long ago, and all the preaching of the born again crowd is wasted on me.  If they believed, they wouldn’t be cutting others down and stabbing other believers and acting like they alone are saved.  Jesus had things to say about that kind of stuff.

And now, media is being paid billions by government to tell us what to do.  Yup.

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