Reminded Today Nothing is More Important than Our Liberty

Saving this nation from the grips of those that hate individual liberty is a battle we must all take on.  Not to participate is to allow this nation to fall into fascism, fall into communism, fall into group think, group rights over individual, ruination of future generations and theft of our most precious God given gift.  We stand at a crossroad unaware most have no clue how serious are the issues at hand right now, and unaware of how to do battle with the evil that abounds within our bureaucracy, our executive branch, our civic organizations, down to local levels.  Most of us are struggling daily to provide the basic needs, and nurturing of our families, and unless they come at us with official acts or guns drawn, we don’t recognize the dangers.

Too often, in conservative circles, we see christians pitted against christians over symbols and loudly condemning one another rather than standing together.  We see conservatives going off on tangents, getting radical, speaking out thoughts we’ve probably all had but were smart enough to not utter out loud, and they get labeled, not only themselves, but whole segments of society along with them.  We see classic manipulation coming from “agenda” groups, LGBTQI, whatever I means, and we see cases in court demanding group rights over individual all the time.  We see courts that are corrupted, legal groups threatening conservative voices with loss of license to practice, and the same with doctors who don’t follow the “narrative” and try to serve their patients, instead of bleeding them for money with ineffective and dangerous “solutions.”  We see media people being fired, or pushed out and journalists going from major publications to online places like locals and substack, so they can write what they see and think, instead of being censored.

Sides must be taken.  We cannot stand in the middle, shaking our heads and wondering what is right anymore.  “Respect the rights of others” was once taught in schools as a righteous way of life.  Today, folks who claim phoney authority will claim their “group” has more rights than you, and even dictate what you can say, what, and even when.

God is on our side.  God stood with us while this nation was forming, while each human right was fought for and won, while we helped provide the impetus for massive economic growth all over the world, and we simply cannot blow it now.

God Bless America.

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