Second Amendment Issues

Far back as I can remember, democrats and bureaucrats have been trying to disarm the American people.  There’s always something they think they can get the people, and the Supreme Court to swallow.  But the Second Amendment is pretty clear in it’s meaning and even the Supremes said so fairly recently.

Ruby Ridge happened under the first Pres. Bush.

Back in 1992, 1993, there was the Waco mess.  The Branch Davidians had a bad habit of dealing in guns.  They bought and sold to support their compound.  They had lots of semi-automatic weapons and shot them regularly.  ATF decided they had to get those guns, and after Clinton took office, they couldn’t stand the suspense of the standoff and attacked and burned the entire compound to the ground, killing 86 human beings, including women and children.  Conveniently for them, the rumor they had automatic weapons couldn’t be substantiated, so it stood, even though the weapons had been so badly mangled in the fire it was impossible to prove, and the feds took them anyway, so the evidence wasn’t even available to defenders to evaluate in court.

So, they passed a ban on semi-automatic “assault weapons” during Clinton’s term, and that got taken out when calmer heads prevailed.

But then during Obama’s term, the same ATF, and the DOJ under Eric Holder, had devised a way to convince the population that “assault weapons” needed to be illegal, and began a program called Fast and Furious.  They allowed gun shops to sell weapons to people who were buying them for Mexican drug cartels, and going across the border into Mexico.  Needless to say, this resulted in lots of loss of life in Mexico!  The whole scheme became public when a border patrol office, Brian Terry, got shot with one of these guns.  What was intended to influence the public against semi-automatic weapons like AR-15’s actually caused lots of people to die!  And pressure from Congress and the people stopped it.  But here you have the bureaucracy, under a democrat administration pulling a fast one to influence the people against their own right to self defense.

Every time there’s a school shooting, democrats cry for guns to be outlawed.  But, they set up the schools as “gun free zones” which makes kids in them more vulnerable to whacko shooters who don’t want to be opposed by someone who might shoot them!  Makes no sense.

Semi-automatic weapons are, you know, a Glock 9, an AR-15 which uses 22 caliber ammunition, and anything you might be able to get off a shot with each quick pull of a trigger.  They are not automatic weapons.  Automatic weapons are also not illegal.  Folks who keep them, just have to pay a tax on them.

“Shall” is a word clearly understood as unequivocable in law.  “Shall not” means just that.  It’s not “might” or “may” or maybe.  “Infringed” is also pretty clear!  Watch for democrats to push for a way to regulate ammunition, because they are sneaky bastards, and determined to disarm the people so they can pass more oppressive laws to control them.  Tyranny is the very reason we have a Second Amendment.  The founding fathers understood what happens when government gets too big for it’s britches.