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So FBI Raids Mar a Lago, Makes Trump More Popular

Hate to say it, but while the media and the world are all up in arms over the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, the obvious result with lots of people showing up there to support the Trump family, is greater popularity for President Trump.

But, hey, back in February, this showed up about a “raid on Mar-a-Lago” so this was OPTICS, folks.  The Archives said at the time that they were cooperating fully.  So, this was just for show, combined with Maggie Haberman’s NYTimes article, and using it as an excuse, they DOJ and FBI proved they are completely compromised, corrupt as hell, and intend to prosecute only those who threaten their power grabs.

People are so forgetful.  Let’s focus instead on not going bonkers about this obvious theater, and concentrate on getting the revelations coming out about the results of the full forensic audit done in Maricopa that proves the people in power don’t belong there.  They never were officially elected.  Let’s make sure the ballots from 2020 are preserved, saved, so investigations of the same type as done in Maricopa can be done in all the places where the DOJ and lawfare groups have been obstructing, where advocacy groups and NGO’s are covering up for the theft of our legal votes.  Let’s keep calm, because a storm is coming.  This month, besides yet another documentary, Selection Code, and promised release of critical information on who was actually providing ballots to Mules to deliver for the earlier documentary, 2000 Mules, but there will be activity in courts as well.

#Preservethe2020Ballots  #Savethe2020PaperBallots  #Sequesterthe2020PaperBallots

We must focus on that, to preserve the evidence of gross maladministration and theft of our nation in many states, not just Arizona.



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