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Steve Kirsch and the Vaccine Issue

If there’s a fighter out there for truth, Steve Kirsch from VACSafety.org seems to be his name.  He’s got the data that demonstrates the so-called Covid vaccine is causing enormous damage all across the world.  The media, the government, the agencies that pushed Covid restrictions and silence everyone who might have data or facts or opinion that is different from the “official narrative” all ignore him and deny his very existence.

He’s offered to pay anyone tons of money to come debate him, to no avail.  He’s approached many government and academic officials with degrees listed behind their names, and high salaries, to challenge them to discuss in public the data that demonstrates how much damage is being caused by the so-called vaccines.  They either do not answer, or refuse.  Mostly, do not answer.  Now, why is that?

His Telegram channel is one of the most interesting and his substack is very popular.  So, the real people, the ones not invested in the Covid fantasy pushed through 2020 and beyond to control the population, are very interested in his information and data.  He hasn’t mentioned yet that it was pushed as a way to steal the election, but lots of us know it played a role, and was used to institute all sorts of crap to help the rig.

We are all “conspiracy theorists” or “extremists.”

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