Telegram Channels To Follow

Here’s a list of channels folks might be interested in following.  Many fine sources of daily information to mull and discuss, and some have other sites, of course.  Once you have a telegram account, you can “join” any one of these channels and follow along with what they post.  Some include and allow discussion, and some do not.  Many folks start their own chat channels and one needs to watch out for fake channels.  You can tell if you look at a link, and there’s no activity, it’s likely fake.  Or if you know they have tons of followers and there are none, it’s fake.

Freedom of speech is priceless.  We need to keep it.  It’s respected on Telegram.  But channel is controlled by the site owner, so some will watch out for trolls.  Much better place to spend time than Facebook, with their constant censorship.  Good Luck!





https://t.me/kagbabe   *I like Kagbabe because I always find interesting stuff there.

https://t.me/auditva   Virginia Patriots United**


https://t.me/VigilantFox    He’s only got 119,000 followers

https://t.me/patricklancasternewstoday   For a different take on the Ukraine war, he’s there, in Donetsk

https://t.me/DrJessicaRose      Not a fan of Covid Vaccination….

https://t.me/The_Library_II  Only 28,000 followers, imagine that

https://t.me/police_frequency  One of my favorites!  77,000 followers

https://t.me/beckernews  Only 66,000 followers

https://t.me/marcopolousa  Here’s where you can find the link to the entire Hunter Biden laptop, about 44,000

https://t.me/KanekoaTheGreat     Always great analysis.  201,000 followers

https://t.me/ElectionFraud20_org  A pretty good resource

https://t.me/project_veritas    over 600,000 followers

https://t.me/TracybeanzOfficial   And Tracy has over 61,000 followers

https://t.me/legalinsurrection   And they have only about 590 followers, but always good

https://t.me/OANNTV  with 235,000

https://t.me/AmericanSpectator  The old conservative magazine

https://t.me/nationalpulse   One of my favorite commentators, Raheem Kassam with 17,000 followers

https://t.me/died_suddenly   With all sorts of individual stories, and 27,000 followers

https://t.me/WeAreBREITBART   Everyone knows Breitbart by now, right?

https://t.me/DineshJDSouza  145,000 followers over there

https://t.me/ThePrisonersRecord  All about the J6 prisoners and tons of information.

https://t.me/RealRebelNews  They have 48,000 followers

https://t.me/BannonWarRoom  One cannot forget Bannon’s War Room

https://t.me/FDRLSTT  One cannot forget Federalist

https://t.me/stkirsch  One cannot forget Steve Kirsch who has challenged all the COVID proponents to debate for megabucks.

And there’s a ton of stuff about COVID vaccines over there.  Many folks post articles they find elsewhere, and often you will find the same article posted on many channels.







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