Telegram is hot these days and loaded with all the folks that have been cancelled or silenced on other platforms.  While we haven’t been cancelled, we also don’t get much exposure, being a mere blog, but since many folks I follow are on telegram, I decided long ago to go there.  Also, telegram is where the channels were set up when the Maricopa County election audit was ongoing, and the folks who had volunteered to monitor the cameras to make sure it was all done legitimately, and no hanky-panky occurred that could be witnessed by camera were set up.  From that instance, many other “audit” channels were started, and many folks from blogsphere started channels there because the audience was there.

There are many fakes on telegram, and it’s fairly easy to recognize the fakes, usually because they have no followers and no posts when they first appear.  I’ve just learned to quickly delete them, especially if I’m already following a channel that is legit and has lots of followers and posts clearly visible in my list.

So, I always see so much material there, I decided to start my own channel.  While I thought I would use it to post my blog entries, things didn’t work out that way.  I posted links.  And instead, I started forwarding interesting content from all the other channels I follow.  Then, I justified that, by telling myself I’d use it as a repository for things to post on my blog.  Well, that quickly became impossible.  So, now, if you visit my channel on telegram you will find lots of things that I could not keep up with at all.  And I visit it more often than I’m here!

It’s getting fascinating!



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