Time Off is Good But It’s 2023 Now

But, of course, much has happened and much will happen in the very near future that should animate us all.  Friday is the anniversary of January 6, and all that that implies, and the Supreme Court will be discussing which of the many cases presented to it will actually be heard.  There is hopium galore, and the two cases that have folks hoping the most are the Brunson vs. Adams case, brought by the Brunson brothers of Utah that wants to actually fire hundred of those in leadership, including the President and his appointees.  The claim is the Constitution says there must be a 20 day period to hear those challenges to the electoral delegations, and that this negates any the decisions made on January 6, 2021 regarding the 2020 election.

The second is the Act 77 Issue from California.  Here’s Patrick Byrne to explain how all that affects that 2020 election.  What they decide to hear will be interesting.



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  1. Ok, I guess you have to subscribed to Patrick’s locals to view the video, but you can be a non-paying member. He’s got lots to say, and is worth checking in on now and then.

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