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Tina Peters is a Hero

Here’s the CTC Cut the Crap show where Jovan Hutton Pulitzer interviews Tina Peters, the election official from Mesa, Colorado who has exposed the machine manipulation in the 2020 election, and got arrested for it.

She’s running for Secretary of State for Colorado, and I’m guessing they cheated again, and many candidates there have called for audits and recounts.  To support here in her efforts and for that matter, the other candidates who are calling for recounts, you can help at TinaPetersforColorado.com and also find all sorts of information there to share around with friends and family.  Please do that, because media is ignoring her, just like they are ignoring the forensic results of the Maricopa Audit.  And there will be more coming out about that, soon.

Also, in just a few days, the film Selection.code will be released, describing the entire affair, and Lara Logan does a great job going after phony leaders to expose the myth that there is no such thing as election fraud.  There’s tons of it, and it’s been going on for decades.  Look at your local officials, and state officials.  Wonder how many were “selected?”

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