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Too Much Going on At Once – And the Lies

I was planning on using my Treasureliberty channel on Telegram to save things I saw and wanted to use for posts here on my blog.  But that plan has gotten way out of even being a remote possibility.  There’s entirely too much there, must of which I find on other channels and forward, so I have it, but way too much material to even choose from at this point.

I’d like to mention one thing that has just angered me like crazy.  It’s the propaganda about the Ukraine situation.  It’s not just that the whole thing started under the Biden regime, and the way the media lies about what has gone on there for a long time.  It’s the way that only one official narrative is allowed.  Even Fox News doesn’t even bother to mention that there was a referendum in those sections of Ukraine where the war has been ongoing.  They will not even report that there was a referendum.  That the people there were given a choice to be part of Russia or not.

We are not acknowledging that a people were given the choice.  And that the overwhelming vote was to be part of Russia.  We also are never told about the fact they’ve been bombarded and attacked by AZOV and Ukrainians for almost a decade, and constantly being attacked.  That’s a long time.  This wasn’t just something that started recently when Russia “invaded.”  No.  Indeed, we should be at least telling the truth, that there was a referendum, and they chose to be part of Russia.  We also are reporting folks fleeing Russia so they don’t have to go be called up, yet do not report on the huge celebration in the Kremlin over the announcement that those sections voted to be Russian.  No stories about the huge, huge celebration of Russians over the announcement.

Oh, I’m aware they use propaganda.

But it’s becoming more and more obvious that propaganda is all we get.  Forget the notion of a FREE PRESS.  It doesn’t exist anymore.

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