Twitter Fun and Revelations

Everyone by now should know that Elon Musk has revealed that the FBI and other government agencies working through it were giving direction to Twitter for years about who to silence, who to shadow ban, what things could not be discussed.  And many of us are wondering what we can do about it.  Elon has restored many who were shut down, and there is much greater dialog and discussion going on now than has occurred over the past several years.

Does the First Amendment allow federal agencies of the executive branch to silence individual citizens voices, and deny the ability to discuss things in an open forum?  Is the government allowed to lie to the people, as they did in the January 7 memorial ceremonies of the other day?  What about “We hold these truths to be self-evident” and why don’t they recognize that it’s the individual rights that are supreme?  What don’t those in power understand about “deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed?”

The basic and fundamental liberties this nation were founded on are being stomped, and ignored by those who constantly lie to us, and take our treasure, our freedoms, and could even take our lives unless we stop them.  The ballot box must be used, and it must be protected BY THE PEOPLE, and we do not, cannot ASSUME that just because we employ folks to do these functions of government, that they are honest, or doing the job fairly and according to law.  We DEMAND the ability to check and counter check and hold those same employees accountable.  We do have a nation of laws.  And the fundamental law of the land is that Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

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