Twitter Today is On Fire

First, it’s got Tucker Carlson and his first episode.  If folks thought Tucker was outspoken on Fox, they will see just how much he was biting his tongue over there. Likely due to network pressure.  He’s going great guns today!  Already loved by half a million and shared by almost 200,000 when I was this.


And if that’s not hot enough for you, there’s Laura Loomer’s confrontation of Comey.

And after watching that, I was struck by the crowd. Always amazes me to see how the “go-alongs” behave in situations like this. I cannot imagine that many obviously elderly folks having been so brainwashed as to think Comey is worth watching when the truth about his time at the FBI is out there. And publicized. Don’t they read? Or, only leftist tropes… Sad. Sad people.

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