Mike Lindell and Absolute Proof

Seems our hero patriot Mike Lindell, you all know him as the MyPillow guy, has decided on his own time, with his own money, and at great peril of being cancelled some more, has created a documentary that everyone should see entitled Absolute Proof.  It’s long, but you really owe it to your progeny to take the time to go over the evidence that has been hidden from social media and all TV and other media sites for a long time now.  There’s no way this should be allowed to occur here, in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Because we will totally lose that, as we did this past election to the thieves and crooks of the world who stole our election.

We have lawyers being threatened with disbarment, business establishments cancelling sale of MyPillow products, and huge lawsuits by machine companies that actually describe in their own sales literature how to connect to the internet.  And evidence they do, to foreign country servers.  Go watch this compelling comprehensive account of how America was stolen.

Then do something about it.  Do not be silent.

Here’s Video Testimony of the Italian Job

Understand, this is foreign interference in our election.  No way should Dominion machines be connected to the internet, but they do.  You can check out the Dominion contract with the State of Michigan, and read it and see for yourself.  Anything connected to the internet can be hacked, and figures changed in the blink of an eye.  This evidence was available to Congress January 6 and I posit that the purpose of the so-called “storming of the Capital” was for the express purpose of hiding this information from folks who would vote according to it’s revelations.  Cui bono.  The president and Trump supporters certainly did not benefit in any way from that fiasco.  Those who want the election fraud hidden from the public did benefit.  Greatly.  They stole the nation.