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VerityVote and the USPS Information

Seems yesterday VerityVote.us released a report on the late ballots delivered by the USPS days after the cutoff time when ballots were to be accepted.  Strange that it took so long for this information to be discovered, but then, I heard somewhere that the USPS was off limits as far as the Maricopa County 2020 Election Audit went.  Sort of like the official ballot printer, Runbeck, was off limits.  Hmmm.  One has to question why the Senate that called for the audit in the first place would direct the official auditors to stay away from the official ballot printer, and the USPS which was supposed to be delivering all those mail-in ballots.  Ann Vandesteel reports on SteelTruth in this Rumble video.


Of course, we know tons of ballots went into “ballot boxes” instead of USPS postal boxes.  One has to wonder if the reason for that is the felony one could be charged with for placing phony ballots in the US mail.  While no such penalty applies to the “ballot boxes” even if they didn’t keep proper chain of custody.

All this will be moot, come September anyway, when they dispose of the actual evidence that maladministration and outright crimes were committed in 2020 election in Maricopa.  The ballots are the evidence.

So, let’s #Sequesterthe2020PaperBallots and #StopChuckingAround

There’s still lots of work to do on this election fraud.  More reports will be forthcoming, about the folds, the color, and how they absolutely do not coincide with the official reports released by the MCBOS and the election authorities.  Who thinks 2022 will be better?  Hopefully, new laws have been passed to better protect your vote.

But, did your vote count, or was it changed.


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