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What IS a Full Forensic Audit of an Election?

To do a full forensic audit of an election many things must be investigated and studied.  Not just recounting the ballots and issuing a recount figure to check official results.  No.  The entire thing must be taken apart, and all the different facets carefully examined.  As a reference, a forensic examination of a dead body requires it to be cut into and every minute part examined and tested to determine the resulting death.

Now an election has many aspects.  And each must be examined.  So a legislature must order the investigation, according to law.  Each state has its own legislature.  And each state legislature has the legal power to control the election.

  1.  Money
  2.  Printing of Ballots
  3.  Distribution of Ballots to Voters
  4.  Distribution of Ballots back from Voters
  5.  Timing of Election Processes
  6.  Electronic Records
  7.  Comparing the Vote Result Reported to Actual Ballots
  8.  Comparing the Actual Ballots to the Electronic Images used to calculate the Results
  9.  Breaking Down Results by Precinct
  10.  Comparing Results with Historical Data from Previous Elections
  11.  Tracking Chain of Custody of Each Ballot Counted
  12.  Looking for Outlier Data Compared to Previous Elections
  13.  Examination of the Electronic Equipment
  14.  Examination of the Electronic Software
  15.  Examination of the Connection to Outside Networks
  16.  Examination of the Voter Rolls

This isn’t just a simple “risk limiting” examination to see if 150 ballots run through the machines are accurately counted.  Any corrupt official can prepare for that, and figure out ways to hide deeper rigs.  The notion that just feeding ballots through a counting machine can corroborate reported results is preposterous when those same ballots could have been manufactured after the fact.

A proper “FULL FORENSIC AUDIT” of an election takes tons of time, and the results will be slow to be released.

But, why do such a huge undertaking when simply canvassing voters in the county will suffice to show if it was done properly, and if the rolls are accurate?

I think the past two years amply demonstrate just how critical the need for such audits are, as our nation is suffering greatly under the policies of the current resident of the White House.  And also, the down ballot, the representatives, the local officials, the local referenda, all have been rigged in past elections and the role of money from NGOs and even grants from government agencies have affected local elections for decades.

We must restore election integrity and restore our rights.  This is the most critical issue for this election, and also for 2024.  We need to take back America and put the people first.



    1. Very true. They always want to focus attention on the “next big claim,” since none of the others ever turn out to support Trump or his odious policies.

      1. What odious policies? I know folks who don’t like Trump’s personality, but think his policies are pro American, and put the people first. What’s odious about that?

    2. After this was completed, there’d be no room for “other nonsense”.

      So one wonders what you people are afraid of? Something like wouldn’t affect the outcome of an election. It would merely inform for the next election.

      Why are you afraid?

    3. Enough fraud has already been found. It’s not the job of the auditors to prosecute. It’s up to the politicians, and they are all hiding the reports.

  1. I can recommend some measures that should be taken now.
    1. Every ballot serialized.
    2. A record should be kept for every ballot printed, distributed, and returned.
    3. You can track them down to each polling station or if they were mailed out.

    Ballots counted should be <= ballots distributed.

    Also, regular purges of the rolls to remove dead or moved individuals.

    1. Voting should be on election day only, unless you have a disability or something. Only citizens should vote, and only with ID. Paper ballots should be used, and counted in each precinct by volunteer voters from that precinct with oversight. And strict records must be kept of all records, and chain of custody documentation.

    2. Eliminate ERIC. It has done nothing but increase voter rolls, and they don’t do any cleaning. They instead share our vital data to advocacy groups and other NGOs and they likely have found their way to Chinese servers, like Gregg Phillips found the mongo.db file on a Chinese server with all the info on every single election worker in the US. Scary thought.

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