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WHAT??? Now We Take On the Liars, Folks!

TruetheVote.org, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips and Dinesh D’Souza have blown the lid off the election fraud in a big way, and even forced the Arizona Senate to face the facts!  Much credit, and many thanks to them for all they’ve done for us all.  The people demonstrating that they will not tolerate the lying politicians and crafty corrupt activists messing with our elections anymore.  Arizona Senate has yet to acknowledge receipt of the forensic reports from the audit, because they really don’t want folks to know how corrupt the system has become, and how wrong they were to allow mail in voting, ballot boxes, etc.  Too much to even list!  But we are going to take on the liars in a big way very soon.  For more information, Jovanhuttonpulitzer.substack.com and get on the mailing list.

PalletsofBallotsThe official forensic analysis, part of the Maricopa County 2020 election audit, has been ignored, although receipts are in hand that the politicians have received them, and not looked at them.  We, the people, are very much interested in those results, and the politicians who worked to limit and prevent much of this information from coming out, demand a public hearing, similar to the one for 2000 Mules colleagues.  We demand action about the facts released to the public, freely available, and insist our representatives view, read, and acknowledge the information.

Just a few tidbits, 90,000 missing ballots.  Approximately 120,000 ballots sent to FORCED adjudication, with no way to know if votes were changed or not, due to election officials telling folks to use Sharpies, which clearly did bleed through, contributing to the adjudication mess.  Oh, and the EMS machine used for adjudication, the one holding and releasing votes in a timely fashion to skew the results, had a dualboot system, meaning, two hard drives, one that connected to the internet.   Just like Mesa.  How many other like that?  How many lies have we been told?  Paper?  Vote Secure Paper?  Really?  None of the numbers ever matched.

Batches in boxes wherein ballots from ALL OVER the county were clustered together is unnatural, and the general disarray of the pallets, boxes and batches turned over to the auditors without clear chain of custody documentation, demonstrate obvious ballot tampering to attempt to cover for finding enough ballots to cover the machine counts.

The count book removed and never turned over after the final machine count is also telling.

Systems will be put in place soon to allow citizen patriots to check on the voter rolls, and verify publicly whether they are accurate.  We don’t have to accept the lies anymore.

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