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While J6 Committee Fantasizes….

While they sit there judge, jury and hoping to indict, although they have provided absolutely no “due process” this vile committee has gone overboard claiming former President Trump somehow is involved in an “insurrection” which can only be charged “trespass” and even that is a fake claim, because they were invited in by the police who opened the doors, and waved them in.

Never mind inflation at a rate unseen in many many decades.  Never mind the excruciating anguish of the American people struggling with paying rent, getting gas to get to work, and wages that are not keeping up with Bidenflation by a longshot.

Never mind the talk of the coming monkeypox claims to somehow cause the next election to be pursued in the same fraudulent way the 2020 was, and the public health figures waiting in the background to be activated, like they were before, to make certain mail in ballots could be multiplied and mules could deliver up a stunning win for a guy who campaigned from his basement, and even when he was in public, a handful might show up.

The people are not fooled by this strategy, and are unlikely to be taken in again, like they were before.  Entirely too much evidence exists, and now, on June 27, there will be a public hearing to reveal the final forensic results of the Maricopa full forensic audit.

I can’t wait.

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