Becoming Intolerant of the Intolerant Virtue Signalling

The nation, and even my local town have gone and become habitual virtual signalers posting signs in their yards that no hate exists here, not in their virtuous yards, no sirree!  And groups that have always been totally inclusive are now expected to announce activities are specially inclusive of this group and that group, and that they are inclusive.  Although it was always understood that they were inclusive, and all types were always welcome to participate.

I understand.  This is what I understand.  The dividers among us who have spent the past decade further dividing us, male and female, black and white, citizen and immigrant, religious and not, have been actively at work assuring us all that there are UGH racists among us, and they are many and unless we specify personally that we aren’t racist, then we must be racist.

I understand media is so far into the hysteria they aided and provoked it by sending lots of cameras and videos to Charlottesville to record all those horrible racists and their white supremacist rallies.  They did a terrific job of starting a fire!  Very like the Reichstag fire, in fact.  They produced so much hysteria about race and white supremacy that even normal calm loving people are suspicious of everyone around them!  It’s disgusting.

And it’s a fraud, purposely perpetrated upon the American electorate to create and stir up hatred of our current sitting duly elected president.

The actual number of vile white supremacists is very small, and likely would disappear without the freely provided celebrity granted by a fawning media elite.  During the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s there was a thriving Nazi party that died out due to lack of attention.

Likewise, if we quit paying attention to folks who exploit the kids who died in the school shooting  we would be doing ourselves a big favor.  Those same kids are exploiting while being exploited by leftists and media.  Yet they cannot step back and see that they themselves, are doing  the same thing.  Oh, those poor misguided children who only want to be “safe.”

None of us has ever been “safe.”  In my 75 years, I’ve known all along I was never safe.  I had to make choices, and behave in such as way as to provide for my own safety.  I need to be careful.  I used my ears, eyes, and brain to stay away from places and people who caused me to be wary.

But there came a time I struck back.  After that, I understood I could and should ACT when threatened.  Bullies back down faced with opposition.

After the Pulse shooting, I recall Dr. Carson, the guy I voted for, made a comment lots of media folks thought was just awful!  He dared to suggest that a group of people faced with one shooter should ATTACK!  Even without guns, there are objects you can throw, moving toward him as a group rather than running would rattle an already strung out shooter, and grabbing the gun might cost a life or two, but I think that would be better than 17, or 45 which are the result of running and hiding.

Oh, but then, someone would have to tell those teens, many who regurgitate at being called “children” and who are larger in stature than I ever was, should plan ahead, and grow a set of balls!  We honor the hero’s of these events who were courageous!  Yet these exploiters get all the media, and the courageous only get a moment or two.

How sick is that?

What we need among our young boys is more, not less of that good old toxic masculinity.  In those same public schools there are boys of every race and ethnic origin being encouraged to feminize themselves and squash their masculinity, their very inherent selves.  Is it any wonder there is such mental weirdness among our young?  For decades we’ve been drugging them into complacency and cowardice.  As a nation, we will cease to exist without them.

But, what do I know?  I’m old.  And I value individual liberty, not group rights.  Bravery over cowardice.  Helping others of your own free will.  Not being dictated to do so.