New Year, New Administration, New Hope.

So the old passes away, and Obama will no longer be residing in the White House.  I never voted for him.  Not sorry to see him go either.  The accomplishments of his administration were few, and much of what supposedly got done was by executive order.

His health care system, ACA, or Affordable Care Act wasn’t.  It’s now in its death throes.  Hope exists among all who voted Trump over a corrupt and historically dishonest Hillary Clinton, that now we can save the nation from its inexorable slide into chaos and confusion.

The culture has been devastated by this past eight Obama years.  Hate emanates from each and every leftist socialist utopian totalitarian group, and folks are being paid to protest and upend this coming Inauguration.  A Million Woman March is scheduled for the following day, thankfully, a Saturday, and those groups claiming to be for all women have included CAIR yet excluded all ProLife groups.

There are stunning lessons to be learned from this past election, but the left doesn’t want to learn anything.  They want the world to bend to their desires, and quake over their emotions.

I’m not having any of it.

I’m going to watch, from the comfort of my family room, and enjoy very much NOT KNOWING what will happen in the next four years, while those on the left who think they know everything tear their hair and shriek!

I wish I knew everything, like they do.

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